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Last May, I wrote a post that suggested that in heaven all the redeemed might speak our individual languages, rather than learning some universal, heavenly language.

I was thinking more about this thought this morning, and, being in the process of reading gobs of Augustine on his theology of love for an upcoming paper, I had another thought. Perhaps we won’t gain the capacity to understand every other language, as though St. Peter gave us a universal translator at the gates of heaven, but perhaps it will be that our glorified and perfected love for one another will constrain us to spend the time necessary to learn the languages of other people groups. Sure, this would take a lot of time, but we have eternity, right?

At the moment, languages are barriers that we are often content to leave up, and sometimes for good reason–why should I take the time to learn Swedish if I don’t even know any Swedes? In heaven, though, the Swedes will be my brothers and sisters, and it would seem that my perfect love for them in Christ would not rest until I had learned their language enough to communicate with them and enjoy their fellowship (and vice versa).

This, of course, is all speculation, but it makes me yearn for glory. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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