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Because I now believe in baptizing infants, I have begun the process of finding a new church home in Birmingham. Yesterday morning, I visited a wonderful PCA church, where, for the most part, I was very pleased. We sang quality hymns; we affirmed the historic faith by reading the Apostles’ Creed; we heard a good exegetical sermon that handled the text carefully and made me want to cling more to Christ; the people were friendly, and I met a fellow Beeson Divinity School student whom I had not previously met. Were those aspects my only consideration, I could very happily become a member of that church.

My only complaint was that the church did not serve the Lord’s Supper. As I search for a new church, I am trying not to slip into a consumer mindset where I become a customer looking for the best deal; however, I do not think that I am asking too much to look for a church where they weekly participate in the body and blood of Christ.

The only explanation that I have ever heard for avoiding taking communion weekly is that those churches are trying to avoid making the Lord’s Supper so commonplace that it becomes a routine ritual, devoid of any meaning, but I must respectfully disagree with that logic. My newfound desire for weekly communion stems directly from a huge increase in my appreciation for the sacrament that I recently developed. Furthermore, I would imagine that most churches who want to make communion “special” by only having it every once in a while have no problem with a weekly sermon. Does hearing the word of God week after week make the Bible a routine chore, or does it speak to our high reverence for it?

Please don’t interpret this as a bashing of a particular church–I am quite sure that the church I attended yesterday (as well as the many others who do not enjoy weekly communion) is full of godly, wise people who have sought the Lord’s direction in this and who are acting on their convictions. I am simply expressing my disagreement and disappointment with that decision, for I believe that it misses out on the great joy that comes through regularly celebrating the mystery of our faith:

Christ has died! Christ is risen! Christ will come again!
Alleluia! Christ our Passover Lamb is sacrificed for us!
Therefore let us keep the feast!

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