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Charles Spurgeon eBooks

Charles Haddon Spurgeon was a Baptist preacher who lived in London in the 19th century. During his lifetime, he published almost 3,600 sermons, earning the title, “Prince of Preachers.” Additionally, Spurgeon published other books, ran an orphanage, and started a school to train pastors.

Although Spurgeon’s 3,561 sermons are available as a 63-volume set, the sermons are arranged in chronological order according to when Spurgeon preached them, and not in canonical order by text. So, compiled in this way for the first time from the 63-volume set of Spurgeon sermons, 19Baskets is pleased to launch The Complete Spurgeon Series, organizing Spurgeon’s preached commentary through the Scriptures.

All Spurgeon eBooks are available for Kindle through

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