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As much as I tried to dodge the viruses, germs, and bugs that every last person I know has succumbed to over the last couple of months, I finally caught something unpleasant. Taking a sick day from work on Wednesday, I had a few thoughts during a more lucid moment.

First, I am a lucky man to have such a great wife. She never hesitates to take care of me when I’m sick, and I’m really thankful for her compassion and care. She’s pretty great, really.

Second, whenever I get sick, I am always reminded of something one of my pastors once told me. He said that, when he has a sick day, he looked at it as an opportunity for God to get his attention. It’s easy to roll along with life without much reflection, but sick days remind us that we are not in control of even our health.

Third, if you are going to get sick, a snow day in the city is a very convenient day to do so. Especially since the snow day cancels my wife’s activities on Wednesday night so that I’m not stuck on baby duty when I don’t really even want to touch my daughter right now for fear of getting her sick.

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