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A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life in a Year:

But looking to the Son we see the Father, as we see the sun by the beams of light which shine from it. [John Owen (1616-1683)] wrote, “Jesus Christ in respect of the love of the Father, is but the beam, the stream, wherein though actually all our light, our refreshment lies, yet by him we are led to the fountain, the sun of eternal love itself [i.e., the Father]. The soul being thus by faith through Christ…brought unto the bosom of God, into a comfortable persuasion, and spiritual perception and sense of his love, there reposes and rests itself.”

Thus believers are always to trust the Father as “benign, kind, tender, loving, and unchangeable therein…as the Father, as the great fountain and spring of all gracious communications and fruits of love.”

(A Puritan Theology, p. 107-08)

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