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A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life in a Year:

Furthermore, the experience of God as the Trinity confirms and strengthens faith in the doctrine of the Trinity. [John Owen (1616-1683)] wrote,

“And this is the nature of all gospel truths, they are fitted and suited to be experienced by a believing soul. There is nothing so sublime and high…but that a gracious soul hath an experience of an excellency, reality, power, and efficacy in it all….What is so high, glorious, and mysterious as the doctrine of the ever-blessed Trinity? Some wise men have thought meet to keep it veiled from ordinary Christians, and some have delivered it in such terms as that they can understand nothing by them.

“But take a believer who hath tasted how gracious the Lord is, in the eternal love of the Father, the great undertaking of the Son in the work of mediation and redemption, with the almighty work of the Spirit creating grace and comfort in the sou; and hath had an experience of the love, holiness, and power of God in them all; and he will with more firm confidence adhere to this mysterious truth, being led into it and confirmed in it by some few plain testimonies of the word, than a thousand disputers shall do who only have a notion of it in their minds.”

(A Puritan Theology, p. 114-15)

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