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Since seminary, I have dipped into some of the great treasures of Puritan literature here and there, and my few encounters with the Puritans have been richly rewarding. Their passion for the Scriptures, their burning love for God and for people, and their deep, pastoral insights have been intensely valuable to me at various points in my own life and ministry.

But, I haven’t read nearly as much of the Puritans as I would like to, and I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the fantastic choices in Puritan writings that I could read next. How do I choose what I should read next?

I was thrilled, then, that Joel Beeke and Mark Jones published A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life last year, a book that organizes the breadth of Puritan theology into a single volume (albeit a large volume, with one thousand pages and more than half a million words). I just received it in the mail, and I’m eager to read it as I seek a better understanding of many individual Puritans, as well as the better understanding of the landscape of Puritan theology.

Helpfully, someone put together a reading plan for getting through A Puritan Theology in one year by reading 4-6 pages per day, five days per week.

So, over the next year, my goal is to read through the book, typing out great quotations as I go along. I’m praying that I not only grow to know the Puritans better, but, more importantly, that I grow to know the Triune God better.

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