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From the D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones sermon on James 4:1, “From Whence Come Wars” right after the 32:00 mark:

The problem is man himself–why he lives as he does; why he is irrational; why he is a fool; why he has wars and rumors of wars. Simple problem? It’s the profoundest problem in the whole universe.

It’s not a problem that can be quickly settled by just an appeal to reason. No, no. Do you know the whole of this big book is about it? It’s as difficult as that.

Simple problem? Why, this is a problem that caused God to have a council before time in eternity. There was a council between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

About what? About man, fighting and warring. Simple problem? This problem is as great as this: That the Second Person of the blessed Trinity had to come out of heaven into earth. That he had to die and be buried and to rise again.

That’s the character of the problem according to this book.

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