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A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life in a Year:

“With regard to Adam, [Thomas] Goodwin argues that because Adam was a type of Christ other particulars also come into the picture:

Adam’s fall, you know, was in a garden; Satan there encountered him, and overcame him, led him and all mankind into captivity to sin and death. God now singleth out the place where the great redeemer of the world, the second Adam, should first encounter with his Father’s wrath, to be in a garden, and that there he should be bound and led away captive as Adam was….

Because by a temptation let in at the ear man was condemned, therefore by hearing of the word men shall be saved.

‘Thou shalt eat they bread in the sweat of thy brows,’ that was part of Adam’s curse; Christ he sweat drops of blood for this, it was the force of that curse that caused it.

‘The ground shall bring forth thorns to thee’; Christ he was crucified with a crown of thorns.

Adam his disobedience was acted in a garden; and Christ both his active and passive obedience also, much of it was in a garden; and at the last, as the first beginning of his humiliation was in a garden, so the last step was too; he was buried, though not in this, yet in another garden.

Thus the type and the thing typified answer one another.

(A Puritan Theology, p. 35)

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