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In my own life, I do not think that I have come across a more valuable tool than D. A. Carson’s two volume Bible Study Tool For the Love of God (see Vol. I and Vol. II). If you click the “For the Love of God” tag, you will find many posts over the years where I have quoted and interacted with his reflections on the Bible.

The best part of the book was that it introduced me to the Robert Murray M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan, a plan that moves you through the entire New Testament and Psalms twice every year, and through the rest of the Old Testament once every year. God has made me who I am by Spirit working through his word, and Carson’s books (which have pointed me to M’Cheyne’s plan) have worked well to get me into God’s word.

But, Carson’s reflections (written concerning one of the four passages scheduled for each day) were huge in my own development, too. Carson’s aim was to help readers see the big picture of God’s word, and I cannot name another source to which I am more indebted for helping me see this grand, sweeping picture than Carson’s devotional books.

So, I was thrilled to find a few weeks ago that each day’s reflections are posted to the Gospel Coalition website on Carson’s blog. You can read For the Love of God each day for free!

I pray that God accomplishes in you through these meditations what he continues to accomplish in me through them.

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